Public private meeting underlining importance for better country development

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Willemstad - 16 March 2021 – More than 90 percent of jobs in Curaçao are in the private sector, while employers contribute more than 45 percent to social premiums. During a meeting with political parties, business organizations pointed out the importance of private sector economic activities and the importance of maintaining these activities so that they can overcome difficult times, but it also functions as a base to develop Curaçao in a lasting way with the execution of Landspakket, supported by means of COHO.

Group 15 in business representation of 15 different business branches, presented to the political parties that reacted to the invitation of the current situation and also the figures that illustrated the business sector in the economic totality. This is to keep the development of private entrepreneurship on the agenda of all political parties, in consideration of the election on March the 19th. To read more, please click here >