Entrepreneurs elect new Curacao Chamber Board

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WILLEMSTAD – March 2020- Curacao Chamber of Commerce held the annual election for board members. The purpose of the election was to elect two members for a period of three years representing small business. The elections of Curacao Chamber of Commerce board members takes place each year under the auspices of an independent election committee.

Every year, three out of the nine members of the Chamber of Commerce resign as scheduled. This is also the case for this year, under the auspices of an independent Election Commission, under the chairmanship of Mr. Ravi Daryanani, elections were held for three members of the Chamber of Commerce, representing the sectors for which vacancies were available.

Mrs. Jeanette Hooi-Bonet, Mr. Bryan Irausquin and Michael Marugg were on schedule to resign, creating one (1) vacancy for large business and two (2) vacancies for small business.

Mr. Bryan Irausquin was placed as the only candidate to fill the vacancy as a representative for large business, and was consequently elected because there were no other candidates.

As candidates for the two vacancies to represent small companies were nominated: Mrs. Jeanette Hooi-Bonet and Ednella Gosepa, Mr. Ralph Ottenheim, Michael Marugg and Stanley Gibbs.

The election vote was held on Wednesday March 11 and the candidates Mrs. Jeanette Hooi-Bonet and Mr. Ralph Otternheim have been elected as small business representatives for three years.

In 2020 the board of Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry consists of Mrs. Jeanette Hooi-Bonet, Mr. Marcos Cova, Bryan Irausquin, Marco Cheis, Renato Ignacio, Willem (Billy) Jonckheer, Raoul Behr and Arthur Rosaria.

On photo from left to right – the election candidates Mr. Michael Marugg, Mr. Ralph Ottenheim, Mrs. Jeanette Hooi-Bonet, Mr. Stanley Gibbs en Mrs. Ednella Gosepa