Curaçao has a modern telecommunications system that includes direct telephone links worldwide, digital and computerized systems, satellite link-ups, and fiber optic cabling. Internet connections are also available at competitive prices. The telecommunications industry on Curaçao is re-investing most of it’s profits in new infrastructure. The recent switch to the Americas II fiber optic cable, and the 30 million guilders being appropriated for the construction of a brand new building are examples of the investments being made to enhance the telecommunications infrastructure in an attempt to become the information HUB of the Caribbean clear into the 21st century.

Telecommunications is a key element in the infrastructure of Curaçao. The privatization of this industry is a governmental priority, especially when one considers the fact that this industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. The privatization process allows the services being offered to improve in both price structures as well as in quality. The government has already taken several steps towards privatization including the elimination of the governmental telecommunications services (Landsradiodienst) and replacing it with a corporate entity. This new organization is the first in many steps that will involve the gradual restructuring of the entire telecommunications market on Curaçao. Other steps already being introduced are deregulation, and the introduction of competition. The process used to achieve these goals is based upon those similar to the United States and Great Britain.

The telecommunications infrastructure is equipped with telex, fax services, entrance to merconon, viditel and direct satellite connections. Communications with the rest of the world is of very good quality without disturbances. Additional services are the mobile communication, audiotext, voice mail and ISDN.

More opportunities for enhanced telecommunications arise for internet communications with new internet providers of broadband internet such as Columbus ( FLOW), TRES, Scarlet and UTS. Also in mobile communications Digicel and UTS continuously enhance their technologies and investments in Curacao.